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Case Study

Elevating Hospitality: A Partnership Beyond Expectations

In the dynamic world of hospitality, our collaboration with Bank Hotel, Berns Hotel, Skepparholmen, and Boo Boo Living has set new benchmarks for success.


  • CategoryHospitality
  • ServicesAI, Data, Advisory
  • Project TimelineOngoing
  • PlatformsHolistic Digital Ecosystem
  • LocationSE, US, EU
  • Bank Hotel, ROAS18.49
  • Berns Hotel, ROAS5.83
  • Skepparholmen, ROAS8.57

Project overview

Over the years, our strategic alliance with Bank Hotel, Berns Hotel, Skepparholmen, and Boo Boo Living has continually redefined success in the hospitality sector. Our unwavering commitment to data-driven strategies and bespoke marketing initiatives throughout 2023 showcased significant growth and enhanced operational efficiency, setting new industry benchmarks.

As we advance into 2024, our enduring partnership focuses on pioneering solutions to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality industry. This sustained success story exemplifies our capability to deliver impactful results.

To summarize

Focusing on organic search optimization and return on advertising spend (ROAS), we’ve exceeded key performance indicators (KPIs) and maximized financial returns. Our holistic approach has not only elevated brand visibility but also significantly improved revenue streams for our partners.

Project execution

Our strategy was twofold:

  • Comprehensive Data Collection and Activation: By harnessing the power of data, we were able to craft highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
    Organic Search Optimization: We implemented advanced SEO techniques to enhance online presence and visibility, driving substantial increases in organic traffic and engagement.


This structured approach provides a clear and concise view of our partnership’s effectiveness, highlighting our ability to drive significant improvements in performance and profitability for our clients in the hospitality sector.

  • Organic Search KPI's, Bank Hotel116.42%
  • Organic Search KPI's, Berns Hotel132.47%
  • Organic Search KPI's, Skepparholmen130.87%
  • Organic Search KPI's, Boo Boo Living233.89%
  • Return On Ad Spend, Bank Hotel18.49
  • Return On Ad Spend, Berns Hotel5.83
  • Return On Ad Spend, Skepparholmen8.57