Ulv AI
Case Study

Data Fueling Growth for Stureplansgruppen

Sweden’s largest entertainment group.


  • CategoryEntertainment
  • ServicesAI, Data, Advisory
  • Project TimelineOngoing
  • PlatformsDigital Ecosystem
  • Average Organic Traffic Value16.5 MSEK
  • Average ROAS17

Project overview

Sweden’s largest entertainment group, Stureplansgruppen is active across the restaurant, entertainment, congress, contract catering, hotel, resorts and experience industries in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Visby and Åre. The company provides unique integrated solutions underpinned by a business idea which focuses on creating service-orientated meeting places and delivering premium quality entertainment experiences through a keen insight into the lifestyle and entertainment needs of its guests.

Stureplansgruppen is a fast growing company who wants to strengthen its investment in data-driven growth, data and advisoryand choose Ulv  as a partner.

Together we work on multiple projects, with a foundational focus on a Stureplansgruppen-wide data project that spans across all its brands, products and services.

To summarize

  • Digital Data Ecosystem
  • Customer Data Infrastructure
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance & Data Visualization
  • Data Measurement & Data Collection
  • Data Management & Data Warehousing
  • Digital Advisory
  • Growth Strategy and Advisory
  • Performance Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Automation & CRM

Project execution

With more data than you almost can imagine, we began together laying the foundation for a centralised and completely owned by Stureplansgruppen, data strategy on how to collect (internal and external), move and store and eventually explore & transform this data, and eventually label/aggregate and finally move towards learn and optimize.

Thanks to Stureplansgruppen State of the Art Data Stack, Holistic digital approach and strategy, AI and close collaboration between SPG and Ulv, we’ve managed to continuously improve and iterate a way of working that is in constant change and adapts to the even more so ever changing market and world – leading to powerful results, and especially laying the foundation for years to come.

We work across the following business areas:

  • 2x – Overall brands within Stureplansgruppen
  • 18x – Restaurants (Example: Ekstedt, Hillenberg, Asian Post Office, L’Avventura)
  • 11x – Bars (Example: Röda Huset, Lucy’s Flower Shop, Tyge & Sessil)
  • 4x – Nightlife (Example: Berns Night Club)
  • 5x – Events
  • 3x – Hotels & Resorts (Bank Hotel, Berns Hotel, Skepparholmen)
Marketing Analytics

Understanding the impact of marketing campaign efforts on customer acquisition and engagement. This is defined with reporting as customer journey analysis, marketing mix, ROI, cost of acquisition, and more insights.

Business Value Proposition
  • Centralize all brands on the same data analytics infrastructure
  • Increase in personalization and revenue
  • Best in class media spend efficiency and organic growth
  • Total control of how to acquire customers paid and organically
Use case
  • Ulv Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value data model (uRFM), example: John visits SPG restaurants once a week, enjoys Spesso and L’Avventura. With the model John gets communication that turns him into a customer who on average visits SPG restaurants 2 times a week instead, and also discovers a new favorite venue.
Operational Analytics

Understanding the current demand and supply to adjust communication, marketing and offers to increase revenue on low demand periods and capture excess demand on peak periods.

Business Value Proposition
  • Dynamic data and insights driven activation to ensure occupancy KPI:s of hotels and also restaurant bookings on times and dates that are less likely to be full
  • Data driven restaurant recommendations (e.g) to hotel guests
Use case
  • Capture potential customers when one place is fully booked, redistribution of demand
  • Increase bookings and revenue on less sexy dates and times



Thanks to Stureplansgruppen State of the Art Data Stack, Holistic digital approach and strategy, AI and close collaboration between SPG and Ulv, we’ve managed to deliver:

  • 16 500 000 SEK Average Organic Traffic Value for select key brands
  • Strong ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in our Performance Marketing, up to 27x and average 17-19x
  • Increase in Brand Recognition on select brands by 1400%
  • 55x Organic Keywords by Top Position
  • 44x Revenue from Digital Marketing
  • 12x ROI on investments on State of the Art Data Stack

Ulv really stands out in its way of working. They keep such an integrated approach combined with stellar expertise and commitment not to mention how transparent and innovative they are.

- Linda NordlundCMO, Stureplansgruppen
  • 16 500 000 SEKAverage Organic Traffic Value for select key brands
  • Up to 27x Strong ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in our Performance Marketing
  • 1400%Increase in Brand Recognition on select brands
  • 55xOrganic Keywords by Top Position
  • 44xRevenue from Digital Marketing
  • 12xROI on investments on State of the Art Data Stack