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Case Study

Sustainable Growth through Data-Driven Excellence

How Ulv supported Mini Rodini’s digital presence and growth through performance marketing, organic search and data.

Mini Rodini

  • CategoryE-commerce
  • ServicesAI, Data, Advisory
  • PlatformsMeta, Google, YouTube, Bing, Pinterest, Organic Social & Search
  • Increase in revenue+12,6%
  • Increase in average order value+22%
  • Increase in users+20%
  • Decrease in spend-1,2%

Project overview

About the client

Mini Rodini was born and raised with the vision to make clothes that children love to wear, without compromising social and environmental aspects of the production. 

It’s more than just a premium kids clothing brand – it’s a statement. Dreamed up by the ever-creative Cassandra Rhodin in 2006, it marries style with responsible materials in the cutest way possible. What’s most captivating? The iconic prints! Think Cat Mermaids or Unicorns slurping noodles, all sprung from vivid imagination. These aren’t just designs but a blend of wild nature, pop culture, and pure childhood fun.

Ulv was trusted to embark on the journey of exploring and supporting Mini Rodini’s digital presence and growth through performance marketing, organic search and data.


About the project

In today’s rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, navigating the niche of kids and baby clothing demands both precision and a boutique touch, especially with so many competitors out there. Our recent collaboration paints a vivid picture of this.

In collaboration with Mini Rodini, we revisited the brand’s growth metallic-silverprint with a holistic approach. This exercise wasn’t just about adjustments but about envisioning the future digital landscape, ensuring the brand remains at the forefront when buying children’s clothing.

We went beyond the basics. By introducing and fine-tuning a robust paid marketing strategy across search and social, we didn’t just aim for visibility; we strived for actual growth. Each ad, post, or keyword wasn’t just a digital asset but a bridge connecting the brand with its target audience.

Ulv worked closely with the marketing and e-commerce team to highlight KPIs that mattered, channeling budgets smartly.

Every market has its unique rhythm and brand acknowledgment. Together, we crafted strategies that ensured Mini Rodini resonated with diverse audiences, understanding their needs and behaviors while increasing the brand awareness.

The North Star: In a digital era, data drives decisions. We focused on ensuring data quality, crafting a roadmap that prioritized accuracy, and configuration.

Our partnership with Mini Rodini demonstrates the magic that happens when excellence, growth, and data unite.

Project execution

  • Revised growth strategy together with E-commerce department
  • Roll out and fine tuning of paid marketing strategy of search and social 
  • Advisory on KPI’s and budget split per channel
  • Segmentation orchestration for targeting
  • Strategic advisory on new user acquisition 
  • Strategy and activation on new markets
  • Tactics and operations during web migration
  • Portfolio assessment and market fit on new categories
  • Data quality assurance, measurement and data configuration


mini rodini kids clothing

Through a holistic approach to growth, data analysis, and excellence, Mini Rodini successfully refreshed its online presence. By leveraging platforms like Meta, Google, Bing, Pinterest and organic search, the company increased their revenue with +12,6% and average order value with +22% simultaneously while lowering the spend with -1,2% .

Moreover, strategic initiatives such as market segmentation, KPI optimization, and platform migration empowered Mini Rodini to adapt to a dynamic digital landscape. This case study exemplifies the brand’s commitment to achieving sustainable growth through data-driven excellence together with Ulv. 

Ulv's ability to be there for us when we need it, combined with their deep understanding of the Mini Rodini brand, makes them an invaluable partner.

- Jonas AngelövHead of E-com & Head of Digital, Mini Rodini
  • Decrease in spend-1,2%
  • Increase in average order value+22%
  • Increase in revenue+12,6%
  • Increase in users+20%