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Case Study

Enhancing B2B E-Commerce

As interim Head of E-Commerce and Management Consultant, we have spearheaded significant improvements across Menigo’s digital touchpoints, streamlining operations and boosting financial performance.


  • CategoriesB2B, E-commerce
  • ServicesAdvisory, Data
  • Implemented Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Implemented AI-Driven Product Merchandising
  • Concept Pages for Drive Tailored Assortment to Specific Customer Segments

Project overview

In our nearly two-year collaboration with Menigo, we have taken on the role of interim Head of E-Commerce and Management Consultant, initiating and leading numerous projects aimed at enhancing user experience, operational efficiency, and revenue generation. Our strategic advisory has been pivotal in driving Menigo towards achieving substantial growth and operational optimization.

To summarize

As Menigo’s strategic partner, we’ve provided interim leadership and consultancy, making significant advancements in their e-commerce capabilities over 10 months. Our efforts have focused on improving user experience, operational efficiency, and overall financial performance.

Project execution

Our role encompassed a hands-on approach to revamping Menigo’s e-commerce operations. We conducted comprehensive reviews and implemented user experience enhancements, streamlined budgeting processes, and introduced new efficiencies across departments. Strategic planning sessions and regular progress reviews ensured that all initiatives were aligned with Menigo’s long-term goals and delivered timely results.


    1. Implemented Customer Data Platform (CDP):
      • Enhanced User Interface: The integration of the CDP led to a more intuitive and user-friendly shopping experience by consolidating and personalizing customer data. This data fed into AI systems to tailor the user interface to individual preferences.
      • Streamlined Operations: The CDP automated data collection and analysis, reducing costs and improving operational speed. This optimization allowed AI systems to efficiently process customer insights for better decision-making.
      • Increased Revenue: By leveraging customer insights from the CDP, targeted marketing and engagement strategies were developed, directly contributing to higher sales outcomes through more effective AI-driven personalization.
    2. Implemented AI-Driven Product Merchandising:
      • Enhanced User Interface: AI-driven recommendations improved the shopping experience by offering personalized product suggestions, simplifying the browsing process based on data from the CDP.
      • Streamlined Operations: The AI system utilized data from the CDP to automate product placement and inventory management, reducing costs and operational inefficiencies.
      • Increased Revenue: AI-driven merchandising optimized product visibility and placement using CDP data, resulting in increased customer purchases and higher sales.
    3. Concept Pages for Drive Tailored Assortment to Specific Customer Segments:
      • Enhanced User Interface: The creation of concept pages, driven by AI using insights from the CDP, provided a tailored shopping experience for specific customer segments, enhancing overall user satisfaction.
      • Streamlined Operations: The use of AI to design and manage these concept pages, based on CDP data, streamlined operations by automating the assortment process for different customer segments.
      • Increased Revenue: Tailoring assortments to specific customer segments through AI-driven concept pages, informed by CDP data, resulted in higher engagement and sales within targeted groups.

    By implementing these projects, we achieved significant improvements across various metrics, all of which were enhanced by the integration of AI and the Customer Data Platform. The CDP provided the essential data backbone that allowed AI systems to optimize the user experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

  • Implemented Customer Data Platform (CDP)Enhanced UI, streamlined operations, increased revenue.
  • Implemented AI-Driven Product MerchandisingPersonalized shopping, automated management, increased sales.
  • Concept Pages for Drive Tailored Assortment to Specific Customer SegmentsTailored pages, automated assortments, higher targeted sales.