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Case Study

Steaming Growth During a Cold Spring

Häckspecialisten is an e-commerce company that specializes in providing high-quality hedge plants to customers through their online platform. During February 2023, Häckspecialisten entered a partnership together with Ulv in order to modernize their digital marketing strategies and boost revenue for the upcoming plant season.


  • CategoryE-commerce
  • ServicesAI, Advisory
  • PlatformsPerformance Marketing, SEO
  • Revenue+73%
  • CPO-40%

Project overview

Häckspecialisten offers a wide range of hedge plants and garden products through their website. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence, Häckspecialisten aims to be a leader in the gardening and plant industry. Customers can conveniently browse and purchase products, benefiting from fast and free home delivery and a plant guarantee for three years. With a partnership with Clasen & Co, one of Germany’s largest professional plant schools, Häckspecialisten ensures that their customers have access to top-tier professional products and expertise.

The Goal

Häckspecialisten approached the project with two primary business goals, increasing organic traffic and organic revenue acquisition in a highly competitive market, and boosting revenue through improved Google Search ads, Performance Max campaigns and social media marketing. The success of the project was primarily measured by data driven model attribution with the following key performance indicators;

  • Total Orders – The number of orders placed on the website.
  • Cost per Order (CPO) – The average cost incurred to generate a single order.
  • Generated Revenue – The total revenue generated through online sales.

Although the spring season is the main season within the gardening industry, the cold weather and snow storms during March and April posed challenges to revenue growth. In order to reach the set targets, Ulv had to utilize innovative marketing strategies to find the right audience at the right time, keep visibility high and push brand recognition to enable conversions during warmer days.

Project execution

A thorough analysis of Häckspecialistens competitors revealed several opportunities to increase visibility and market share. With a remarkably low bounce rate compared to the closest competitor, Häckspecialisten showcased its superior user experience. Furthermore, Häckspecialisten’s high pages/visit metric demonstrated strong engagement. By strategically allocating campaign budgets and optimizing ad copy, Ulv aimed to capture substantial market share from competitors while keeping bounce rates low and engagement high.

Häckspecialisten also recognized the potential for improving organic traffic and search engine rankings through enhanced content and website optimization. The initial site audit highlighted opportunities to expand the website’s content with the customer journey in mind, capturing visitors who seek maintenance tips and gardening inspiration as well as buying customers. This approach aimed to drive traffic and increase brand visibility.


Despite the cold weather during the spring months, the strategies implemented yielded impressive results, surpassing the initial goals set for the project, with the results of February to May exceeding order target by 12%, decreasing CPO with 40% and surpassing initial revenue goals with an impressive 73%.


Ulv utilized various targeting options and bid adjustments to reach the right audience at the right time. By analyzing and optimizing ad campaigns, Häckspecialisten achieved top ranking positions for generic search terms on Google Ads, expanding the reach beyond the existing customer base. The strategic use of targeted ads and lookalike audiences helped Häckspecialisten connect with potential customers who were similar to their existing customer base.


The implemented SEO strategies yielded positive outcomes, contributing to the overall success of the project. The company observed a year-over-year improvement in organic traffic and positioning. Notably, Häckspecialisten achieved improved organic keyword positioning within the top 4-20 search results, increasing their prominence in search engine results pages.


Ulv’s creative team played a pivotal role in creating visually appealing and relevant ad creatives for the company’s paid performance campaigns on Google and Meta. By establishing brand guidelines and incorporating product images, consistency in branding and messaging was ensured. These creative enhancements, featuring the company’s logo and tagline, significantly increased engagement, conversions, and brand recognition among the target audience.


Driving Growth and Success – a Summary


Häckspecialisten’s commitment to excellence in gardening and plant products, combined with a well-executed digital marketing strategy, resulted in substantial growth and success. By leveraging SEM, SEO, and SMM techniques, Häckspecialisten were able to exceed their initial targets, achieving higher order volumes, lower CPO, and increased revenue. These impressive results reflect the effectiveness of a holistic marketing approach, driving business growth and establishing a strong online presence.

  • 73% above targetRevenue
  • 40% below targetCPO
  • 12% above targetPurchases