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Case Study

How to Achieve 85% YoY Growth

Eriks fönsterputs is Sweden’s largest supplier of exterior window cleaning services in subscription form, primarily targeting the B2C market.

Eriks fönsterputs

  • CategorySubscription services
  • ServicesAi, Data, Advisory
  • Project TimelineOngoing
  • PlatformsDigital Ecosystem
  • Orders+85%
  • CPO-13%

Project overview

The company has since their humble beginnings back in 1997 experienced rapid growth and is now spreading their wings to new markets. Together with Ulv, Eriks fönsterputs achieved remarkable success in driving revenue growth, surpassing their yearly targets ahead of schedule. This is the success story of Eriks fönsterputs and how 85% YoY year growth became reality.

Before the start of the project, Eriks fönsterputs faced some common challenges; Firstly, their previous MarTech set-up failed to generate sufficient revenue while being too complex to provide flexibility. Additionally, the complexity in the data model made customer segmentation challenging. Lastly, because Eriks fönsterputs is a well-known brand operating in specific geographical areas, the growth team had to make sure to mitigate the risk of oversaturation. In addition, it was important to increase overall brand awareness in areas where the company was newly established. 

During the beginning of 2023, Eriks fönsterputs aimed to achieve a 64% year-over-year growth in orders while simultaneously reducing the average Cost Per Order (CPO) by 23%. To achieve this goal, the company extended their partnership with Ulv and made a strategic shift to promote their one-time window cleaning service. The goal was to utilize Ulv’s marketing expertise in order to gain a higher volume of leads through digital advertising and organic search, that could be converted to subscribers through marketing automation.

Project execution

The project consisted of several key milestones, including set-up of advertisements on Google, Meta, and Pinterest to drive traffic and conversions, with a specific focus on converting one-time window cleaning customers. To drive organic traffic and revenue, a comprehensive SEO plan was developed to improve search engine rankings. 

The second focus was to evaluate MarTech platform that could drive both upsale activities and subscription sign-ups. Because of the limitations in the data model, the data team needed to ensure seamless API integration between the customer database and the marketing automation platform, enabling the identification of upselling opportunities.


The Strategy

To address the challenges, the nimble team together with the client employed various strategies and approaches, including:

  • Promoting one-time cleaning services to attract more leads.
  • Implementing marketing automation to effectively convert leads and upsell to existing customers.
  • Strategically allocating budget based on weather conditions and level of loyalty to optimize advertising budget through exclusions and lookalike audiences.


MarTech Implementation – Klaviyo

During the MarTech evaluation, Klaviyo was selected as the optimal platform for the client in order to support their marketing automation ambitions. Klaviyo is easy to use while simultaneously being flexible. Moreover, because Eriks Fönsterputs uses SMS send-outs for existing clients as part of their overall marketing strategy, it was important to select a system that could support Webhook integrations with 46elks through Zapier. Because of Klaviyos well-roundedness, flexibility and comparably low price point, it was determined to be the best system for the client to drive revenue short term. 


The project achieved outstanding results, exceeding expectations. By May, Eriks fönsterputs had already exceeded the results generated from the whole year of 2022, surpassing the initial goal of 64% increase in orders YoY. Comparing the period between January and April, the company experienced an 85% increase in the number of orders and a 13% reduction in CPO year over year.

The project not only met the client’s expectations but also delivered additional benefits. For example, Eriks fönsterputs was able to (through marketing automation) focus attention on existing clients and offer relevant upselling opportunities, contributing to 13% of the total incoming orders.


Achieve business growth through a holistic digital marketing approach


Through a comprehensive digital marketing and automation strategy, Eriks fönsterputs achieved re

markable success in driving revenue growth, surpassing their yearly targets ahead of schedule. By leveraging technologies such as Klaviyo, Meta Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads and implementing a strategic SEO approach, the company increased the number of orders by 85% and reduced the average Cost Per Order by 13% year over year. These results show how small improvements in digital maturity generate high returns. With the continued implementation of marketing automation and ongoing optimisation, Eriks fönsterputs is well-positioned for sustained growth and continued success in the consumer services industry.

  • 85%YoY Increase in orders
  • 13%YoY decrease in CPO