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Pushing something truly unique

Transforming Growth with Data-Driven Strategies for Bio & Bistro Capitol

Bio & Bistro Capitol

  • CategoryEntertainment
  • ServicesAI, Data, Advisory
  • Project TimelineOngoing
  • PlatformsMeta, Triggerbee, Mailchimp, Google
  • Bookings+195%
  • ROAS+238%
  • Average Organic Positioning+26%

Project overview

Bio & Bistro Capitol offers a sophisticated cinema experience, set in a stylish 1920s ambiance. With a diverse selection of new and classic films, a curated drink menu, and well-composed dining options, Capitol caters to a mature audience seeking a unique cinematic or dining experience. Situated at St Eriksplan, Capitol is a modern neighborhood cinema that combines rich history with contemporary entertainment.

Today, Bio & Bistro Capitol boasts four screening rooms and an intimate bistro offering high-quality food and beverages – which can also be offered during a cinema visit as well. Needless to say, Bio & Bistro Capitol is not just a cinema; it’s a cultural icon reimagined for the modern era, where experience is the heart and soul of every strategic decision.

The project undertaken for Bio & Bistro Capitol was comprehensive and multifaceted, encompassing various key components:

  • Marketing Automation: To streamline customer engagement and enhance conversion rates.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): To boost online visibility and attract a more targeted audience.
  • Paid Social: Leveraging social media platforms for strategic advertising and audience engagement.
  • Data Visualization and Tracking: Employing data analytics tools to gain insights and make informed decisions.
  • Creative Strategy: Crafting compelling and resonant content and visuals to drive engagement.

To summarize

  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO
  • Paid Social
  • Data Visualization and Tracking
  • Creative Strategy


  • Triggerbee
  • Mailchimp
  • Meta
  • Google

Project execution

Marketing Automation

Initially, the main focus was on creating a clear marketing automation strategy that could boost customer engagement and retention rates. Ulv began with a focus on the B2C segment, and one of the initial challenges was organizing and importing data. Data collection was improved to include transactional details about bookings, membership and movie interest.

The initial goal was to boost both ticket sales, bistro bookings and membership card sign-ups. Forms were created using Mailchimp, which in turn were used on iPads in the cinema’s screening rooms, effectively integrating these leads into the CRM system. Abandoned cart emails proved highly effective, and churn campaigns helped clean up the contact database, resulting in better engagement rates.


Significant improvements were made as we expanded event tracking capabilities, allowing for post-purchase and dynamic content based on previous user behaviour. The introduction of marketing automation led to actual ticket sales through email, marking a substantial achievement. The strategy was shifted towards audience targeting, focusing on user interests, thereby enhancing customer value and driving more conversions.


Initial focus was on creation of an FAQ page to improve search engine rankings, as well as enable implementation of structured data. Additional focus was placed on the unique segments, merging the bistro and cinema experience. The dining concept became a cornerstone of marketing efforts, attracting individuals seeking a relaxed, yet familiar dining experience.

Performance Marketing

Within the realm of paid social advertising, the primary objectives were twofold. Firstly, Ulv sought to pique the interest of potential clients, showcasing the allure of Bio & Bistro Capitol’s unique movie-and-dining experience. Secondly, to cultivate a sense of loyalty among existing customers, encouraging them to choose Bio & Bistro Capitol for their subsequent movie screenings.

A significant emphasis was placed on re-engagement strategies, aiming to reignite the interest of the existing audience. Meta, encompassing platforms like Facebook and Instagram, was selected as the channel for both customer acquisition and retargeting.

The creative strategy revolved around the distinctive value proposition of Bio & Bistro Capitol. It was important to portray the client not merely as a cinema or a restaurant, but as an immersive experience where the two worlds intersect. This narrative aimed to evoke a sense of anticipation and excitement, inviting customers to indulge in an unforgettable blend of entertainment and culinary delight.


The results are remarkable:

  • Bookings: 195% increase from paid social and paid search
  • ROAS (return on ad spend): Improved by 238% from paid social and paid search
  • Average organic position: Saw an impressive improvement of 26%

This case study illustrates how strategic marketing automation, SEO enhancements, Performance marketing and a focus on data tracking led to substantial growth and improved performance for Bio & Bistro Capitol. By leveraging data-driven strategies and redefining the customer journey, the client achieved outstanding results and solidified its position as a premier cinema and dining destination.