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Innovating Brand Amplification in a New World

YouTube’s strategic rise in TV streaming signals a new era for brand amplification. Dominating U.S. television screens with 8.6% viewership and resonating particularly with the 16-34 age group, YouTube presents a low-cost, high-return avenue for brand building.

In an era where brand visibility is pivotal, Ulv has identified a seismic shift that’s reshaping the advertising landscape: YouTube’s leap to prominence in TV streaming.

Brand Building Reimagined

Explore how YouTube's digital dominance is crafting the future of advertising, offering brands a cost-effective and expansive stage on TV screens worldwide.


Viewership Victory: YouTube’s triumph in the TV streaming space is unprecedented. Accounting for 8.6% of TV screen viewing in the U.S., the platform has carved a niche that speaks directly to the modern consumer’s appetite for engagement and content variety.


Brand Building Efficacy: Beyond traditional metrics, YouTube’s model showcases a superior ROI for brand building. With ad-funded videos claiming the big screen and viewership among 16-34 year-olds soaring to 9.4%, YouTube demonstrates a blend of reach and receptivity that’s ripe for brand messages.


Cost-Effective Strategy: Analyzing cost metrics, YouTube emerges as the steward of economical advertising. With CPMs significantly lower than traditional TV and competitor streaming services, YouTube offers a potent mix of affordability and impact for savvy brands aiming to amplify their presence efficiently.

Game-changing trend

A glimpse at the latest Nielsen statistics reveals a game-changing trend – YouTube now captures 8.6% of TV screen viewing in the U.S., edging out Netflix and other streaming titans. For a full year, YouTube has maintained its top position, reflecting a fundamental shift towards platforms where viewers not only consume but also engage with content.

Implications for brands

The implications for brands are profound. YouTube’s ascent is characterized by the advent of its new TV channel pages, enhancing viewer interaction with larger visuals and prominent subscription prompts. In sync with the consumer gravitation towards user-generated content, particularly among the digital-native Gen Z, YouTube is fortifying its role as the new heartland for brand-building.

10% share of TV viewing

Let’s consider the numbers. YouTube’s share of TV viewing stands at 4.8% overall, yet jumps to 9.4% for the key 16-34 demographic, indicating a prime audience for brand outreach. Furthermore, with the platform’s daily global watch hours surpassing the billion mark, and top creators witnessing a 400% surge in TV-based watch time, the potential for brand impact is unparalleled.

Outperforming traditional TV

These are not just any videos; these are ad-funded streams that command the living room’s big screen, coming with the powerful allure of short formats and an inexhaustible well of content. The results? Online video on YouTube is not just competing with traditional TV; it’s outperforming it. Research by Analytic Partners, Mediacom/Wavemaker/Gain Theory, and Meta corroborates the superior ROI of online video over TV, heralding a new dawn for cost-effective and impactful brand strategies.

Strategic Value and YouTube’s Financial Advantage

At Ulv, we recognize that our clients are constantly evaluating their brand strategies against the bottom line. The cost efficiency of YouTube as an advertising medium is clear. With global CPMs for YouTube at approximately $4.40 (36.96 SEK), broadcaster TV at about $25.20 (211.68 SEK), and Netflix at a staggering $59.30 (498.02 SEK), YouTube emerges as the unequivocal choice for budget-conscious yet result-driven branding.

In conclusion, the narrative has shifted. No longer is streaming a threat to advertising; it has become its most potent ally. YouTube’s dominance, particularly in ad-funded video services, offers a low-cost, high-return avenue for brand amplification. As we pivot into this ‘new world’ of brand development, Ulv is poised to guide businesses towards embracing YouTube’s vast potential to reach engaged audiences, enhance brand presence, and drive performance without the exorbitant costs traditionally associated with TV advertising.

Embracing YouTube's cost efficiency for advertising—just $4.40 CPM compared to traditional TV's $25.20—shifts the branding narrative. Streaming isn't the adversary; it's the ally, providing a cost-effective platform for substantial brand growth.


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