Ulv AI
Case Study

Driving Global Success With Paid Search

Roxtec, a leading B2B company specializing in cable and pipe sealing solutions, aimed to enhance their online visibility, reach their target audience effectively, and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.


  • CategoryB2B
  • ServicesAI, ABM
  • PlatformsGoogle Ads, Microsoft Ads
  • YoY Increase in Generic Conversions102%
  • YoY Decrease in CPA22%
  • YoY Increase in CR174%

Project overview

Acknowledging the power of paid search advertising, Roxtec partnered with Ulv to imExecutionplement a comprehensive strategy that would drive qualified traffic, increase brand awareness, and boost conversions. 

Client Objectives:

  1. Enhance online visibility and brand awareness
  2. Reach target audience effectively
  3. Gain a distinct competitive advantage in the market

Project execution

Account Expansion:

To optimize Roxtec’s global targeting capabilities, Ulv proposed splitting their single global account into separate ad accounts and expanding Roxtec’s advertising efforts to include Microsoft Ads for more markets. This approach involved setting aside budgets for specific markets and customizing keyword targeting, enabling Roxtec to connect with customers on a more personal level and enhance Roxtec’s brand presence across diverse markets and platforms.


Resource Allocation:

Efforts and budget were strategically allocated to generic search campaigns rather than focusing solely on brand keywords. This allowed Roxtec to target business-related keywords and prospect potential leads actively seeking products related to Roxtec’s industry, thereby expanding their reach and driving qualified traffic.


Comprehensive Keyword Research:

Ulv conducted extensive keyword research, considering search volume, trends, and competitors within each market. Using localized keyword strategies, Ulv optimized campaigns in the language of the target markets, establishing stronger connections and engagement with the audience. This approach tapped into market-specific potential and drove meaningful connections.


Customized Ads:

Tailored ad copy were implemented for each ad account to maximize the impact of marketing campaigns. This localized ad copy directed targeted traffic to landing pages specific to each market, resulting in higher landing page scores and improved ad rankings for market-specific keywords.


Increased Conversions:

By adopting a targeted approach and connecting with the desired audiences, we achieved a 102% increase in generic conversions comparing YoY. The personalized and segmented keyword strategies and optimizations across global and market-specific accounts significantly enhanced the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, solidifying Roxtec’s position as a leading provider in the industry.


Reduced Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):

Ulv’s refined targeting and optimized campaigns resulted in a significant 22% reduction in CPA. By focusing on business-related keywords and leveraging localized keyword research, we successfully drove qualified traffic to Roxtec’s website more efficiently, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness and higher ROI.


Improved Conversion Rate (CR):

The tailored campaigns and keyword strategies led to an increase in conversion rate by 174%. By implementing a targeted and segmented approach and optimizing budget allocation towards highly relevant keywords in the global account, Ulv successfully engaged audiences, resulting in higher conversions and increased growth for Roxtec.

Ulv’s paid search strategy transformed Roxtec’s market presence by strategically expanding their ad accounts, allocating resources effectively within the global account and into smaller market-specific accounts, more paid search platforms, conducting comprehensive keyword research, and delivering customized ads. Through these efforts, Roxtec experienced increased conversions, reduced CPA, and an improved conversion rate among other positive outcomes.

  • 102%YoY Increase in Generic Conversions
  • 22%YoY Decrease in CPA
  • 174%YoY Increase in CR