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Turning Ad Waste Into Profitable Growth

We’re shaking our heads at the sheer amount of ad spend that goes to waste.

We’re shaking our heads at the sheer amount of ad spend that goes to waste. Our deep dives into several brands a month, with revenues stretching from 10m to 8b (SEK), have been eye-opening. What’s staggering? The larger the business, the more their approach to demand—building it, harvesting it, and fulfilling it—seems to miss the mark.

The basics of Demand Building like understanding LTV:CAC ratios? Often missing. Insights into buyback periods or the nuances of incrementality? Rarely on the radar. And the connection between ad strategy and the company’s P&L? Practically non-existent.

It’s not just the brands at fault here. Many big-name agencies managing eye-watering budgets seem to be in the dark, operating in silos without real accountability for the overall performance across channels. It’s no wonder we see so much money effectively being set ablaze without contributing to real growth.

Here’s the kicker: businesses, especially the ones enjoying substantial revenue (thanks to their market position, product, or distribution), are letting their performance marketing efforts slide. To them, it’s just another line item on the CFO’s spreadsheet, rarely scrutinized beyond a surface-level “4x ROAS” reported by their agency.

But here’s the thing: if you can’t definitively say your marketing is driving real, incremental growth, you’ve got work to do. And if terms like “incrementality” or “causal contribution” make your agency scratch their heads, it’s time for a change.

We believe in being responsible stewards of your marketing budget. We think beyond ROAS, focusing on how each part of the demand cycle—from building and harvesting to fulfillment—contributes to your bottom line. If your current approach feels misaligned, let’s chat. We’re here to make sense of the madness, turning wasted spend into strategic investments that genuinely move the needle for your business.

Partnership with Ulv means making every piece of the budget count towards building, harvesting, and fulfilling demand in ways that directly impact your growth. Don’t settle for less.


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