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Foundations of B2B CRM

A B2B CRM approach seeks to streamline the customer management process across departments in a holistic marketing approach.

Cornerstones of B2B Customer Relationship Management

A B2B CRM approach seeks to streamline the customer management process across departments in a holistic marketing approach. By aligning efforts in marketing, sales and customer success, businesses can create a seamless inbound marketing process that attracts, converts, and retains high-value customers.

Marketing Management

Attracting and nurturing leads in early stages of the sales process, as well as supporting sales and customer success by providing customers with relevant content at the right time.

Sales Management

Managing sales pipelines, tracking customer interactions, and providing sales teams with the necessary tools and resources to close deals effectively.

Customer Success Management

Tracking customer interactions, identifying and addressing customer issues, and providing ongoing support and resources to help customers achieve their goals.

Inbound and Outbound Process - a Holistic Approach

With the customer journey in mind, we at nimble assist in adapting strategic inbound and marketing efforts by utilizing customer data and insights. Implementing MARTech solutions that support marketing sales, and customer success in their outreach efforts.



Inbound: Developing strategic SEO, and thought leadership frameworks tailored to specific industries, attracting prospective leads. 

Outbound: Integrating outbound efforts to ensure a comprehensive and synergistic approach.



Inbound: Devising strategic CTAs and insightful content recommendations in combination with SMM & SEM retargeting

Outbound: Developing sales playbooks and MARTech solutions for outbound efforts.



Inbound: Implementing strategic sales funnels, forecasting models to optimize deal closures. 

Outbound: Incorporate retargeting campaigns and email nurturing to enhance overall effectiveness.


Customer Success

Inbound: Boost engagement, interest, and loyalty with retargeting and personalized emails.

Outbound: Improve customer satisfaction with a strong ticketing system, AI chat, expert guidance on documentation and surveys.

Adapting a B2B CRM Model

A holistic business strategy is essential in order to create an effective and functioning B2B CRM Model. At Ulv, we break down the process into 4 actionable steps that covers Business Strategy, Data Management, Organizational Work Processes and Messaging Strategy.

CRM Process

A CRM Process typically evolves over time, growing alongside an organization’s departments, product offerings, and data layers. 

Unfortunately, this can lead to unclear communication structures. Sales, marketing, and customer success teams often work independently from each other, relying solely on information provided within their respective departmental systems.


Implementing a streamlined Customer Relationship Process enables effective messaging strategies and automation across departments. 

This supports a growth in demand without increasing workload or headcount, improves information sharing, and reduces confusion for employees and customers. The goal of this process is to provide customers with certainty and departments with clear guidelines on what is expected.

CRM Work Guidelines

Establish new work processes with department guidelines for a streamlined communication approach.

This will provide a structured framework for departments to follow, ensuring consistency and clarity in all communication. Ultimately, this will lead to improved performance and increased revenue for the organization.

CRM Messaging Strategy

Establishing a clear brand personality that is consistent across departments and marketing efforts in order to make communication consistent and effective. At Nimble, we make sure that your business fully utilize tools such as marketing emails, campaign emails, sequencing and cold calls in order to effectively communicate with your customer base. 


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