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2024 Predictions: Mastering AI, Talent Dynamics, and ESG

2024 Predictions focus on mastering AI, evolving talent dynamics, and integrating ESG strategies.

Generative AI in Consulting

  • Performance Marketing & Marketing Automation: Generative AI can be utilized to automate and optimize ad campaigns, creating highly personalized content and offers. It can also help in predictive analysis for campaign performance, leading to more efficient budget allocation.
    Creative: In the creative domain, AI can assist in generating ideas, layouts, and even initial drafts for creative content, significantly speeding up the creative process. Not to mention with Ulv AI you can scale your creative generation automatically with select performance marketing channels, without increasing manpower.
    Account-Based Marketing (ABM): AI can enhance ABM strategies by analyzing vast amounts of data to identify key accounts and tailor strategies to these specific accounts.
    Advisory: AI can provide in-depth insights and predictive models for business strategies, helping in advising clients on future trends and market shifts.

Evolving Hiring Practices and Skill Sets

  • All Areas: This trend impacts all areas by emphasizing the need for a skilled workforce adept in new technologies and strategies. Agencies must focus on hiring diverse talent with expertise in modern marketing techniques and tools. Upskilling current employees to adapt to new trends is also crucial.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Consulting

  • Advisory: Consultants can guide companies in integrating ESG principles into their business strategies. This can include advice on sustainable marketing practices, ethical advertising, and building a brand image that aligns with ESG values.
    Data: Utilize data analytics to measure and report on a company’s ESG efforts, helping them understand the impact and ROI of their sustainability initiatives.

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